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When Barry asked me if I would write a testimonial about our experience with Ubuild homes I told him I would be happy to.

Then I sat down to write and soon realised just how difficult it is to put into words the value both in dollars, motivation and support that Barry and his team have given Helen an I during our project.

I cannot speak highly enough of the back-up and contact when I ran out of knowledge and skills or something didn’t fit how it should (in fact it usually did fit but I didn’t read the instructions).

When something did go wrong and they did, Barry was only a phone call away and problems were rectified before they became an issue.

The kit itself was simple (just like a big jigsaw puzzle) and came with easy to understand instructions and lots of laughter when I had looked at he drawings upside down and rang Barry and Matthew to tell them that the drawings were wrong, (incidentally when you get Matt on the phone for advice be prepared to get laughed at before he tells you how to fix your stuff ups).

Seriously though we can’t imagine dealing with anyone else after the pleasure of working with Barry, Matt and Ubuild.

Our house is up and nearly finished and it has been a lot of fun with humour, care and professionalism blended together.

Would we use Ubuild again, you better believe we would.

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