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October 16th 2010.


REGARDING: Barry Armstrong & UBuild Homes

Back to Basics Business Training has been associated with the Building and Construction Industry since the Mid 80’s providing training in Supervision, Management and Compliance at every level of the construction industry.

In our years of training in the industry we have found the most consistent area where contractors fall short, is not in their workmanship but in the area of written systems and procedures and the lack of sufficient documentation required to satisfy compliance in the industry today.

A majority of the contractors do not have the money, expertise, or time, which in itself is money to the contractor, to develop their own systems, procedures or documentation.

Without these systems, procedures and documentation they often find themselves at a disadvantage or in some cases in dispute with clients or authorities.

The need for professional building systems that are readily accessible to the contractor and systems that the contractor, working day to day on a building site, is able to apply to their own business efficiently and effectively is long overdue.

Many systems have been developed over the years– all of which are too costly or take too long to adapt to the smaller enterprise. A costly investment that ends up in the bottom drawer.

UBuild Homes have some of the most unique, effective, practical and professional building systems I have seen. These systems are the result of time, money and effort invested by Barry for his business UBuild Homes.

I have known Barry Armstrong personally for the past 6 years. Back to Basics and UBuild Homes have developed a professional relationship often working together in their endeavours to provide a practical and constructive service to the building and construction industry.

In this period of time Barry has always looked for ways to improve the residential construction industry through innovation, systems development and training people within the industry.

Back to Basics and I support and endorse UBuild Systems and have no hesitation in recommending them to the industry at large.

We wish Barry and UBuild Homes every success and hold Barry’s commitment to excellence in the building and construction at the highest level of respect and admiration.

Yours sincerely

Susan Stephens
Managing Director

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