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20 April 2006

To whom it may concern

I am writing this letter of commendation for the software application ‘BuildMate’ developed by Barry Armstrong of UBuild Homes.

Barry recently demonstrated to me the ‘BuildMate’ system, designed to assist builders and contractors in project management and job estimations. From my perspective as a manager in education, the system impressed me with its simplicity, clear navigation and comprehensive content.

Management systems are often technically competent but, due to the lack of consultation, fall short of the needs of the user when put in to practice. ‘BuildMate’ is exceptional in how it captures every stage of managing a building project including filing related documents, correspondence and emails.

The system is an excellent management tool highly suited to builders and contractors with possible future applications to a range of businesses such as suppliers and retail.

Yours sincerely

Leanne Alexander
General Manager

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