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Thank you for the opportunity to build a home with U Build homes.

I would like to express my appreciation to you and your company for the help and the easement of building our house.

It took 9 months to build from the plans being approved and moving the first spot of soil to the carpet being laid and ready for my family to move in.

The greatest thing I liked with the whole process was the process, from my husband doing the owner builder licence to how U Build organised the drafting of the plans, and council applications, to the ordering and the delivering of all the materials up to lock up stage. Even the budget and all the quotes were ready before council applications.

So all we had to do was organise the tradesman to come.

I would recommend anyone and everyone use The U Build system because the hardest part about the whole system was actually moving into our house, and if my husband had of let me get a removalist it would have been no trouble at all.

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