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While All Granny Flats designs are stylish, the layouts are simple to ensure the best use of space, ease of movement throughout, structured to take advantage of natural lighting and air flow, and improve safety.

Whether the purpose of your Granny Flat is for an elderly relative, a teenage retreat, home office, as a property investment, or simply for yourself as your downsize… safety can always be improved.

Here’s a checklist for improving the living conditions for whoever will be calling your Granny Flat ‘home’:

  • Ensure the pathways leading to the Granny Flat is flat or easy to navigate. Keep paving clear, and free of mould (which becomes slippery).
    Granny Flat Doorway

    Highlight Granny Flat Doorways and Entrances

  • Make doorways and entranceways obvious by contrasting the colours on them. If your resident is an elderly relative, their eyesight may not be as clear as it once was. Differentiating entrances with colour – tastefully – can greatly improve the safety of your Granny Flat.
  • Replace worn, ripped or loose floor coverings as soon as possible. These are a trip hazard.
  • Keep shelving at a practical height. Don’t place shelves at ridiculous heights that require a step ladder to reach.
  • Encourage your Granny Flat resident to make use of the extra power points throughout the building. The reduces the use of extension leads – which can trip people up or are an electrical hazard.
  • Install sensor lights around the Granny Flat exterior.
  • Test and change the batteries of smoke alarms regularly.

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