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To Whom It May Concern

I have more than 25 years experience in the Information technology industry, in positions ranging from application programmer, through technical architect, to requirements manager and technical project manager until I retired from IT Executive level in the public sector. I then worked for a number of years as a consultant to major government and private sector e-business development projects.

I have solid technical qualifications and background, as well as management-level appreciation of the IT industry, trends and products.

In my considerable experience, I have rarely seen a product offering such an excellent and refined combination of expert knowledge, usability and fitness for purpose as I have seen demonstrated in Barry Armstrong’s ‘BuildMate’ product.

The application qualifies as an expert system, as it guides the user through complex processes utilizing the built-in knowledge and experience of its designers. All phases of a project are presented in rational and experience-proven sequence, while still permitting flexibility. Reports are beautifully constructed, and complete, with supplementary information presented and provided as appropriate to guide both operator and recipient.

The underlying database appears to have been very efficiently designed utilising the comprehensive business knowledge based on Mr Armstrong’s considerable industry experience and expertise.

Building the product upon the rock-solid basis of IBM-Lotus Notes provides great reassurance for purchasers and users for support and future-proofing. The comprehensive way in which Notes capabilities have been utilised within the product reflects credit on the technical developer.

While I am naive regarding finer details of the building industry, I am well able to recognise a quality project management tool, and this is such a tool.

In all, I am extremely impressed by Mr Armstrong’s ‘BuildMate’ product, and I would strongly recommend it to potential customers on the basis of quality design, dependable technical architecture and excellent usability.

Yours faithfully,

Gregg Faulkner
Director, Auritec Pty Ltd
Business Information Consultants

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