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When you invest in a Granny Flat for yourself, loved one, or a tenant, there seems to be a huge amount of things to consider. There’s the furnishing downsize that may be necessary, and for a rental – the advertising for a tenant, tenancy agreements… and much more. And then there’s the issue of Granny Flat Security for you or your tenants.

The upside to a Granny Flat is that it is close to another residence – in many cases, a family member’s home, or your home (if you are renting out the Granny Flat). This makes it easier to monitor, or encourage ‘shared patrol’, ie. “I’ll keep an eye out for any unusual activity at your place, and if you could do the same for our house, that would be great.”

On top of your diligence how else do you make sure that the property is secure? Alarms? Heavy locks?

If Granny Flat Security is one of the issues that you haven’t yet put a lot of thought into, here are some tips to keep you and your investment safe and sound:

Good Lighting

It’s a good idea to ensure the property can be well illuminated when needed. A strong ‘porch light’ is ideal, as are lights in the carport and under eaves of the home. Installing a sensor light is also an option. Although be strategic about where you place a sensor light. You don’t want it outside your bedroom window so that every time the neighbour’s cat decides to trespass on your land, light blasts you awake at 1 o’clock in the morning! Consider the neighbours as well – do they want the light streaming in through their bedroom windows… although one could use it as leverage for encouraging them to keep their cat indoors! 

Quality Doors and Windows

Choose quality, secure doors for all entry/exit points in your property. Glass doors with effective locks are also a must. All Granny Flats only uses quality doors and window fittings to ensure longevity, strength, and security.

Door and Window Fastenings

Deadbolt locks are proven security options, as are key locks on windows. Indeed, some insurance policies insist on these security features to lower premiums. The handy piece of doweling behind the sliding door or window is still as popular today as it was 40 years ago.

Outdoor Security Camera Home CCTV System

More and more home-owners are investing in security CCTV systems. This way if someone comes to their home, they can check who it is before opening the door. Most systems feature continuous monitoring, are time scheduled and have motion detection. You can view the footage on your mobile phone (Android and iPhone), iPad and computer. If Granny Flat Security is a major issue for you, then a security camera system may be a worthwhile investment.

Blinds in a Granny Flat

Making use of blinds for Granny Flat Security

Curtains and Blinds

Beside the modesty card, curtains and blinds contribute to security. They hide interiors and valuables from inquisitive eyes. The upside of vertical blinds is that they can be adjusted to limit vision, but allow air flow and light into the Granny Flat. Downside of vertical blinds is that the strings and plastic clips break, the slats can get caught in the window, and over time the blinds begin to look tacky. Curtains are effective at shutting out the world, but they can be a pain to clean. Plantation Shutters look classy and elegant. Roman Blinds are also an elegant choice. If external covers are of interest, then roller shutters might be another security option for you.


If you are living on your own in a Granny Flat – it is possible to make it seem like there are more people residing there, or that someone is home while you are out. You could really have some fun with this concept; leaving a pair of oversized work boots at the front door, or several pairs! Leave the radio or television on while you are out, don’t make it common knowledge that you live alone, and have someone collect your mail/newspapers when you are away for a period of time.

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