“All Granny Flats” keeps the process simple.

You simply ‘Select’‘Decide’and‘Build’

‘Decide’ how much you want to invest in your Granny Flat

This step is about deciding on the budget for your new granny flat. Your budget shouldinclude additional costs such as landscaping, furniture, white goods, etc.

The design you selected should meet your budget so there are no blow outs in cost.Your chosen design should also have all the inclusions you want and expect.

Chat with your All Granny Flats consultant and work through the inclusions lists so you can be confident knowing your expectations will all be met. You may have special requests such as wider doorways to suit wheel chair access, or maybe higher ceilings, more kitchen cupboards, tiles in the bathroom going from floor to ceiling, etc.

We appreciate that everybody has their own unique expectations, and we want to be sure you get exactly what you want. The best rule to go by with building and design paperwork is that if it is not written, it is not included.
Ask as many questions as you like of your consultant – we’re here to help you. Your budget is the most important part of your decision process for your granny flat project. And remember:

The Right Budget = The Right Outcome = A Happy Granny Flat Owner

Once you’re happy with the decision on your budget you’re ready to ‘Build’! step-3v5

3 Easy Steps