“All Granny Flats” keeps the process simple.

You simply ‘Select’‘Decide’and‘Build’

‘Build’ let the fun begin! This is the most exciting step

When you are at this point in the process you will have completed your due diligence and should know what you want to build and how much it will cost. The building process should be a pleasant experience and will be providing all steps are taken in the right order. whether you are owner building or having the project built for you.

“All Granny Flats”(AGF) fully built products come with standard product warranties and Home Owners Warranty Insurance by our licensed builder AGF. If you intend owner building one of our granny flats you will receive premier service and back up support from concept through to completion. You being the manager of your own affairs will be offered our administration services and access to our trade base (if required)build granny flat

Whether you select “ALL Granny Flats” to build your granny flat or you choose to owner build, the level of support is the same. If you choose us to build for you we can take on the entire process from plans to final clean including the council process as well. A turn key process.

Once you have made this decision here is what you need to know:

Full Construction By “All Granny Flats”

a All Granny Flats provide a written tender offer

b Site visit carried out to determine site costs

c Product selection carried out and colour selection to be completed

d Customer options, council application, engineers design, basix report are all complied and included in tender issue “B”

e Plans approved by customer and witnessed

f A dept of Fair Trading purchase agreement is witnessed by both parties

g Plans submitted to Council. This can be a 4 to 6 weeks process pending the type of application submitted and no abnormal circumstances arise

h Construction can commence, this time frame can vary pending trade availability and weather, generally a 6 to 8 week period is allowed for

Owner Builders

a All Granny Flats provide a written tender offer

b Owner to decide who will obtain reports ie: engineers design – basix – surveyor etc AGF or owner

c Plans completed. Owner to provide site plan information ie: sewer, stormwater and existing house position along with any out houses trees garden sheds etc

d Plans submitted to council by either AGF or the owner

e Owner to complete product & colour selection

f Final Tender Offer issue “B” submitted to customer

g Purchase Agreements witnessed for package delivery in stages as required

h Delivery can commence to suit customer schedule contact-us

3 Easy Steps